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Albania is a land with a reputation for its great natural beauty and romantic remoteness. Justifiably added to this reputation is Albania’s vast and magnificent archaeological heritage. Remnants of ancient civilizations are spread throughout the country, revealing the country’s history and tempting visitors to a spiritual journey in ancient times. For more than half a century, one […]
Albania’s underwater treasure is no longer a secret known to a few. There are various diving sites available but diving in the Ionian coast is said to be the most fascinating as it provides a combination of rich submarine fauna,  shipwrecks and archaeological underwater sites. Sipa Tours arranges diving excursions for novice and experienced divers, for small and […]
We can arrange for rafting at the most beautiful sections of Albanian rivers. You don’t need to be particularly experienced or super-fit to raft. A day or more down the rivers will bring you to beautiful, secluded sites rarely seen by visitors. Rafting is an activity for everyone! Inquiry for this activity