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Albania is a land with a reputation for her great natural beauty and romantic remoteness. Justifiably added to this reputation is Albania’s vast and magnificent archaeological heritage. Remnants of ancient civilizations are spread throughout the country, revealing the country’s history and tempting visitors to a spiritual journey in the ancient times.

For more than half a century, one the pearls of the Mediterranean shores, remained a prohibited land for the foreign visitors. The proof of this is eminent. The Adriatic coast, stretching for almost 360 km, with shallow waters and long sandy beaches, and the Ionian coast, stretching for almost 150 km, rugged and dramatic with steep backdrops and fine white beaches, are only two of the many spectacular sites that always enchant visitors.

Albania is one of the few countries that combine an unspoiled environment of long diversified beaches, extensive wild and mountainous forests, isolated picturesque villages, and forgotten realms of ancient civilizations whose marks spring up glorified throughout the country.